How do you pair wine with cheese?

So, you want to serve some cheese with wine. How do you know which goes with what? Keep this tip in mind, aim to match boldness of a wine with boldness of cheese.  

Meet Max, our new winery puppy

Meet Max, our new winery puppy

Come by and meet Max!

Summer White Wines are on special!

With Labor Day around the corner, it's time to stock up on white wine to enjoy for the rest of the season. Don't be afraid to drink white's after Labor Day. We still have plenty of warm days ahead. As kids head back to school, maybe in the dining room, we adults need our patio sipping time. So forget sending the teacher an apple, treat yourself to our White wine special.  Do the math. It's a great deal.          4 bottles only $59.99


Wine Club Meets The Vineyard

At Monarch Grove Winery we cherish the times when we can bring all of our wine club members together for a pickup party. 
We always have a good time with plenty of wine and food pairings made in-house. We introduce new group games like hammerschlagen to bring people together and create a welcoming atmosphere. 
Our favorite times have been when we have the opportunity to bring our wine club members to the vineyard. Together we harvest, process and bottle. Showing behind...