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Open for Wine Tastings Outdoor

Open for Wine Tastings Outdoor

Due to COVID-19 We are now allowed to serve wine tastings inside at 25% capacity and outside on our patio. Please call for reservations. 805-709-4875

How do you pair wine with cheese?

So, you want to serve some cheese with wine. How do you know which goes with what? Keep this tip in mind, aim to match boldness of a wine with boldness of cheese.  

Let's look at these broad types of cheese. Fresh and creamy cheese, salty, hard cheese, high fat content cheese, semi-soft nutty flavors and strong, sharp cheese.

Fresh and creamy cheese with a range of textures and flavors can create balance with higher acid wines, light bodied whites, rose` or fruit forward light-bodied red wines. Our Monarch Nectar with fresh Mozzarella or cream cheese/fig...