Open for Wine Tastings Outdoor

We are so happy to say as of October, we can serve wine tasting indoor and outdoor! On the weekend we are putting up a canopy and are able to serve groups up to 12 people.

Tasters can choose from a wine only tasting or deluxe.

The "wine only tasting" includes a taste of 6 of our wines (two whites and 4 red) These wines are a good representation of our style of winemaking. $10/person

Deluxe wine tasting is the same 6 wines with cheese pairing and our wonderful sour dough crackers. It's not a meal but its fun to see how wine responds to different flavors. We know you will enjoy the experience. $15/person

We are taking reservations so give us a call 805-709-4875

Hope to see you soon!


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